22 Minute Hard Corps! *** New Program and Test Group***

I am so freaking excited for this program!! 22 Minute Hard Corps is brought to you by none other than Tony Horton, who is the creator of the amazing P90X series of workout programs. He is one of my favorite trainers!

So here is what it is:

  • 22 minute long workouts- boot camp, basic moves, designed for you to get in and get out!
  • 8 workout routines– combination of cardio, core and resistance training (3 additional routines if you get the deluxe kit!)
  • It is an 8 week program, with workouts scheduled 6 days a week, but HELLO its 22 minutes!? No excuses people!
  • It has an easy to follow nutrition plan that follows the same guideline as 21 Day Fix in that it is based around portion control and number of portions per each food group.
  • One thing I love about Tony Horton is how real he is, and he has used real military Veterans in these videos.  No actors!

And here is who it is good for!

  • New Moms! You don’t have time to workout for an hour or even 30 minutes a day, this is 22 minutes! Can’t get to a gym? It is ok, you can do this in your basement, in your bedroom, in the hallway… you catch my drift! Anywhere!
  • If you are getting bored of your current program or finding it isn’t exciting you anymore. This is for you! If it is time for you to change it up so that you can see more changes in your fitness level, this is the program for you!
  • Did you used to play sports in school and you miss the boot camp drill style workouts? Are you looking to get back into shape and create a healthy routine and lifestyle again?
  • Busy working professionals with minimal time and still want a hard corp workout?

This program can truly work for ANYONE! The advantage is the time, of course, coming in at 22 minutes makes this a non-negotiable in your daily routine.

So you think this may be for you? Are you ready to try something new and step out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to get back into shape and need soemthing you can do at home and in a short amount of time? I am running a test group, “Jacquie’s Spring Training” and it starts March 21st.  I will be doing this right along with you for the entire 8 weeks! If you want one of the 5 spots in this test group please fill out the application below.

Don’ t hold back… we are in MARCH! We are 2 months into 2016 and summer is right around the corner!