My first week of 22 Minute Hard Corps Review

So I have completed 1 week of 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts and the nutrition plan.. here is what I can say… it is a kick butt workout, that will make you sweat, get your heart rate up and leave you feelingFB_IMG_1456940852143 like you just pushed yourself hard! When I first put Cardio 1 on, I did have a moment where I thought I am not going to feel like I got a good workout in.. like how can I? It’s only 22 minutes?? I was wrong… way wrong! Tony Horton has the perfect combo of moves to keep you moving, push your limits and get it done.

With that said, one thing I love about Tony Horton is that he always provides modifiers, so if I was struggling or running out of gas there was always a modifier to follow so I could finish the program.

I enjoy how in this program Tony is more of a motivator and walks around and points things out instead of doing the moves. For anyone that has done any of his other programs, he normally does all the moves but this time he has his cast doing the demo’s and he is talking. I will say I feel like he cut back on a bit of his chit chat as well. It still has some classic Tony humor but he is not as chatty as he is in P90X.

I am excited for week 2 and I am even more excited for my official test group to kick off March 21st! If you are interested in joining me fill out FB_IMG_1457321668584the form below and lets do this together! 🙂