My top 4 favorite snacks!

So eating clean doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat or that you will be hungry! That is far from the truth.

In fact I eat more food now then I probably ever have before. The difference is WHAT I am eating.

Here are my top 4 favorite snack ideas!

Favorite Snacks (1)


  1. Plain yogurt (greek or regular), diced apple, cinnamon and then a drizzle of honey! So good!
  2. Fresh veggies with hummus. This is a go to for me.
  3. Hard boiled eggs. I know that doesn’t maybe sound all that exciting but hard boiled eggs are full of protein and healthy fats. They are quick, easy to prepare and carry with you on the go and they will fill you up.
  4. Banana’s and peanut butter. So I am a peanut butter lover! I love the  whipped peanut butter from Kraft. In small amounts it is ok! It would be better to use an all natural peanut butter if you can.

In the picture you will notice the bananas and peanut butter are fancy! Yes… get fancy with it! Cut them up and make little sandwiches for yourself. Healthy eating should  be fun! Get creative!


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