Welcome to my Blog!

Well this is a new endeavor for me! I am starting a blog to document my health and fitness journey.

I have a passion for living a balanced life and being a good role model for my daughter. I want to be healthy and strong!

I have been doing Beachbody programs for the past 4 years off an on. I have recently been doing them consistently and I have developed a new, healthier relationship with food as a result of the 21 Day Fix program.

A lot of people have asked me why I am coaching, why I am blogging, why I have a Facebook page and the answer is this. I believe in these programs and the challenge groups. I believe in them because I know they work and they work in more ways than just one. It has changed my mental outlook on not only my body but on my life.

When I do my workouts, eat healthy, and drink my Shakeology I feel good! I have more patience when I am at work, more patience with my daughter and I feel better about life.

I want to help others through this journey and I want company on my own journey. We are stronger together than we are apart.

Merry Christmas and Welcome to my Blog! My new project for 2016.

( Stay tuned: I will be blogging throughout my entire net challenge group that starts January 4th.)